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Here's what spankees are saying about my service...

Both me and my sister were very pleased with the service we received…we were treated with great respect.
Rhonda Lerche, Bristol

Was responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. And, best of all, Master Jamie delivered results.
Kate, Manager, London

You have gone well beyond my expectations for the spanking I wanted and received, a fantastic professional service. It's great to know you Master Jamie, and whenever I need that discipline again (ouch) - I know I can rely on you to provide that service.
Gary H, Gloucester

Wow! Master Jamie is the best at spanking! He delivers every time, but equally is very caring about the punishment he administers! I'm definitely coming back for more!
Jan, Swindon, Wiltshire.

Master Jamie, please may I say that was the best otk hand spanking I have ever received, and the strapping that followed, wow! Still not sitting entirely comfortably, luckily!
Sarah, Reading

Sir, I never believed you could do such a great job. You certainly were superb at aiding this old timer in remembering his school days. Sir, you wield a mean cane. Many thanks.
Bob, from Coventry

Master Jamie, thank you so much, I'm wearing my marks with pride! Torn now between wanting them to go quickly, so I can have another spanking again, soon, but also wanting them to stay, so I can remember and feel so great! Thank you again.

Master Jamie, what can I say? I was really nervous about receiving my first spanking, but your gentle, calm chat beforehand really allayed my fears. I also really appreciated the slow build up, that allowed me to become accustomed the actual spanking. Your aftercare was second to none too. Such a caring, kind Master, but with no lessening of the discipline I received. I will most certainly be back. Thank you so much.
Mikala, Cardiff

Dear Sir, when I came across your ad, and then website, I was so pleasantly surprised to find your service made absolutely no mention of sexual services - so many do, and to be honest, Sir, many 'spankers' just use the spanking side to disguise a sexual service. This was not for me, my discipline and my sex stay firmly apart! Imagine then, Sir, please, my absolute delight at discovering in person, your service offering exactly what it says on the tin! Your thought, consideration, and care, before, during, and after my discipline were fantastic, and clearly genuine. No fakes here! Thankyou, Sir.
Peter, Taunton.

Master Jamie, my session with you last night exceeded all my expectations! The discipline I received was wonderful. I very much appreciated the time you took with our chat beforehand, and yes, Sir, you were right - not once did I ever feel compromised sexually, nor did you deliver anything more than I could take. With your permission, Sir, please could I become one of your regular clients? I am so glad I followed my gut, and decided to go with you, Sir, and not the other Master in Swindon, I spoke to before yourself. Thank you again so much, I'm rearranging my calendar as I type!
Steven, Swindon, Wilts.

It was an excellent session.  Jamie was an extremely understanding Master knowing exactly how hard to apply the punishment.  He delivered the punishments starting moderately but then progressed to quite severe as it was required.  It was most effective and I look forward to another visit.

Master Jamie sets some very high standards for himself on his website and as a master and in session he lives up to those standards.  I always thought a handspanking was for wimps until my session with Master Jamie.  A genuine enthusiast who delivers just what you need.
martin, gloucestershire

I have been spanked before, but always felt that the spanker didn't either spank properly, or if he did, (for me, I always have to be spanked by a man), then he was only spanking for what he could get out of it. Jamie wasn't like that. He spanks with real pleasure, and properly. I can honestly say, that even as an experienced spankee, I have never been spanked like this before. It felt as if this was the first spanking I have ever received, and made me realise that this is exactly what I have been searching for all my life. I'm gutted I live so far away, I would ask for Jamie's services every other day, if I could! Guess, I'll have to settle for once a month!
Lauren, Surrey.

Jamie principal merci ma fessée était merveilleux!
Claudette, Toulouse, Fr.

I just had a vacation in Europe, and visited UK. A friend showed me the ad for this site and service. Wow! Certainly a vacation with a difference. This guy is GOOD.
Sarah NJ

WOW .. I have just had the hardest spanking and slippering I have EVER had. If there was an Olympic sport for spanking, Jamie would be a Gold medal cert! I was searching for someone who could deliver a 'real' spanking .. I've now found him. Very understanding to your needs, I can only give him the highest praise! Thanks.

We were a bit unsure about seeing somebody to be spanked, but Jamie really put us at our ease. We couldn't understand why he insisted we both received rather than just one watching, but having been there, it makes perfect sense! Having one of us in the corner while the other was spanked and then the other way round, was a fantastic feeling - just what we wanted! We'll definitely both be returning.
Mark & Debbie, Birmingham.

Is very understanding and delivers a good service. Can certainly deliver a hard hand spanking! I am also pretty apprehehsive about visiting someone new, but his calm pre spanking chat dispels any fears.

I have just read all the testmonials and following my visit yesterday just toally agree with everything said. I wanted a prolonged over the knee bare bottom hand spanking, having fantasised about a 30 minute spanking for many years. I got 50 minutes and it was absolutely wonderful. With the gentle build up it was the best spanking I have ever had and like all the other comments here, I must go back as often as I can, it was truly perfect.

Master Jamie has a very hard hand indeed. Most handspanking leaves a tingle that soons fades away. It's nearly 24 hours after the event and I still have a very pleasantly tender bottom. I'll be going back for more soon!

I looked around for a professional male spanker close to me in Swindon, and found there were three! The other two offered sexual services, and I MOST definitely didn't want that! All I wanted was a good old fashioned spanking. Two of the spankers, Master Jamie being one of them, had websites - always good for checking out. Girls particularly, can be vulnerable. One spanker's website contradicted his advert, but this site didn't. What Master Jamie has stated here is all absolutely true, and ties in perfectly with both his current advert, and the spankings he delivers in real life. I felt safe and non threatened the whole time I was with Master Jamie. He is both honest and genuine, and can certainly deliver a thorough spanking! And yes, even though my bottom was bared, I never once felt sexually compromised. Yes I was nervous, of course I was, but having communicated via mobile and email, and then meeting the man in the flesh, I have to say I trusted him implicitly. !
He has clear limits and boundaries, and respects his clients and their wishes at all times. Master Jamie rocks!
Louise, Swindon.

Thank you for the spanking and the rest of the items used on me yesterday. Your hand is hard! That was the best OTK hand spanking I think I have had. My bum is even now 24 hours later still feeling the effects of your hand and the plimsoll.

Ouch! the punishment fit the crime. very profressional will be back..with the last word...

As a first time spankee I was very nervous and apprehensive but Master Jamie spent time ensuring I was at ease and that I felt under no pressure to continue if I had changed my mind. He started lightly before increasing intensity. I did not feel compromised or at risk in any way and all safe words were acted on straight away. It was a brilliant introduction to spanking which has definitely left its mark! I will be going back for more education.

Many thanks for the smacked bottom you gave me last week. To all you naughty boys and girls out there be warned Master Jamie is very effective indeed with a bare bottom hand spanking!!. I think i would have been a very good boy indeed at school if he was my teacher for real!!

I was made to feel comfortable and got what I needed. Bright red bottom with marks ow!

i got home safely and just wanted to send you an email to thank you so much for my cropping, caning and flogging this afternoon.  It was a wonderful experience and one i shall definitely want to repeat.  Thank you for putting me at ease, letting me strip naked and then guide me through my first ever professional discipline.  i loved being laid over your bench and feeling the different sensations; sometimes fairly light and at other times more severe.  My buttocks have now developed some nice welts and they still have a certain rawness to them; i hope it lasts for a while. i love it!!  What made it so good as opposed to self flagellation is that i hade no idea when the strokes would be inflicted or how hard each one would be.
Many thanks again and hope to get punished again soon, maybe with restraints? Can't wait!!

Thanks for today. Hardest hand spanking I have experienced. Next time it will be school uniform and hopefully I will be able to take more punishment.

Totally new to this and very young, never ever been spanked before, so really nervous. Master Jamie really put me at my ease, and did a great job. Definitely go back for more!

Have been spanked for years by my partner, thought I'd give Jamie a go, just to see if the testimonials lived up to the promise. The verdict? No, they didn't - the service was even better than the testimonials! Thank you Jamie, still sitting beautifully uncomfortably!!!!
Joseph, Reading

Well what can i say, that was the best spanking i have ever had Master Jamie. The last time i received a spanking like that was at primary school. You made me very welcome when i arrived at your home. I had a sore bottom when i left you and it stayed with me for three weeks, i can't thank you enough.I will come back gain and i recomend any naughty Boys/Girls to go and see Master Jamie.
Kind regards.
Jon D.

The best spanker around! Professional and accomodating! Thanks
Sarah, London

Thank you! I received an amazing spanking from you! Felt perfectly safe and reassured the whole time. Although you did make me giggle when you asked me if I was comfortable when over your knee! What a great question - knowing that No, I wasn't going to be comfortable in a few minutes time :) Love it! Definitely returning :D
Melissa Howton

A real pro! Unhurried session, genuinely caring guy and clearly very experienced and professional at what he does. A really enjoyable time, thank you.
James, Bath

First class spanker, very highly recommended!!
Tony, Bradley Stoke   

Good Evening Jamie,  thanks for Monday, I have just posted my thoughts on the B/S thread 'M/M spanking advice needed'.  Check it out.  Good experience for me, might well try it out again.  
Regards Mel 

Excellent initiation into corporal punishment. Very professional service. Definitely be back for more once the marks have healed.

Master Jamie, thank you for taking me through my first professional spanking. You put me at ease before hand, took great care to select the right instruments. OTK bare bottom hand spanking then across your spanking bench for a paddling, strapping and finally the crop I won't forget. You knew just how far to take me.  Very caring. Very professional.

Hello Jamie, thank you for a great evening. I'm sat here in the hotel bar with a warm (and rather sore) bottom, Wonderful. It was really nice to meet you. Im not sure how much longer I will be down here, but I would love to see you again sometimes, or maybe to come along to your next munch if I am around.
Best Wishes, Gary.

Wow! We attended one of Master Jamie's workshops and wow is all we can say. So informative, but not at all dry and boring. Fun AND safety, just amazing. We can carry on spanking now to our heart's content, happy in the knowledge that no lasting damage will be caused. Well worth every penny.. (AND we got offered tea and biscuits! What a bargain!)
Chloe and Simon.

As a first-timer I was nervous,
But with your care I was soon at ease.
You gave me exactly what I wanted,
To feel every spank of my fantasy!

I still have a smile on my face, 
A liberated feeling in my heart.
A feeling of total satisfaction,
And a bottom that wonderfully smarts!

So thank you Master Jamie,
I can't wait to safely submit to you.
To bend over and take my spanking,
Can't happen a day too soon!


Having to travel all the way from Liverpool, I had to question my own sanity, when I decided to visit Jamie; the cost of the travel, and my time, and then the cost of the session on top, although that was very reasonable, all made me wonder what the hell I was doing! I can truthfully say it was the best decision I made. Well worth the long distance and the cost of the train fare. Best disciplinarian I've ever seen. First class service! Jamie, I'll be back!

Was really worried about seeing a man for a spanking. I didn't know him, and to be honest it seemed too good to be true. This bloke was bound to offer extras surely? No bloke is ever going to just do spanking and leave it there. Well this one did! Yes it hurt, but that's what I wanted, but most importantly, I felt very safe all through the whole session. You've got another satisfied customer :)
Jill, Basingstoke

I've just had a Bare Bottom OTK spanking from Master Jamie's hard hand. My Bottom is Very Red,, Very Hot and will be Very Sore for a while and  the only thing I can think of that would be better is the feeling I will have the next time I report to Master Jamie for a more Severe Spanking plus a Very Hard application of the Slipper to my Bare Bottom. !
I can hardly wait. !

Master Jamie was very friendly, and took care to deliver the spanking i wanted. I will definitely be returning to have my limits tested!
My first time I was very nervous. Master Jamie soon put me at my ease and made it clear I had control of the session.I could relax. Very rewarding session even if I am now very sore!
Visited Master Jamie and experienced a headmasters style punishment, came away with a very red tail with the glow I expected wearing them with pride.
My first time, and I loved it! Definitely will be back for more (when the marks have gone!)
I thought being a big burly bloke would mean that I didn't feel as much pain as somebody smaller. I was wrong! A week on, and I'm still feeling the effects.
Even though I'm only 19, I've always fantasised about receiving the cane from the "Headmaster". I thought it was never going to happen in RL. But oh yes, it did! Master Jamie played a great role as the Head of my "girls school", and delivered those strokes with wicked accuracy! The only downer? I had to show my ID (dammit) to prove I really was an adult. But that wasn't really a problem. I would recommend this guy to anyone with these delicious fantasies. Go on, make them a reality.
Kirsty M 
Ich besuchte Meister Jamie, und ja, es weh tat. Aber er ist nicht grausam oder bösartig, er ist sehr freundlich.
Koby, Deutschland
 Many thanks for a very enjoyable disciplinary experience. It was great fun being spanked and caned like a naughty boy once more, and the hand spanking was definitely the best I've ever received,    
John, West Midlands






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